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(Dateline: Hollywood, CA --) If you've ever dreamed of breaking away from the pack, and mastering the guitar... then this is gonna be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here's why: Pro guitarist Tony Burnett has finally agreed to share his amazing "speed-method" shortcuts that other guitarists have paid a fortune to learn from him.

Once you have the shortcuts... Put in the practice and you'll see your skills improve in no-time.

These are the secrets that can take your playing to the next level...

You wanna shred so fast your fingers blur... and yet rarely miss a note, even while you're hitting the kind of scales most players fear? You wanna burn through fresh, powerful and nasty solos that people remember for the rest of their lives? You want the kind of permanent chops that earn instant respect... and make playing fun again?

Well, guess what? It can all be yours, because these shortcuts work for anyone — who's willing to put in some time working them into their playing.

That's right.... you can learn the head-turning chops and skills of the best guitar slingers out there, in any style. Rock, jazz, country, R&B, rap, you name it. All the truly killer skills and abilities will be yours if you're willing to do the work and practice these short-cuts.

It's all about the shortcuts... and if you can get a pro guitarist to teach them to you.

Here's the story: Tony Burnett has been shuttled between New York and LA to back up Grammy-winning artists... "gone platinum" mega rock stars... and even an "Album of the Year" winner who used Tony's astonishing speed-riffs to help "punch-up" the sound.

So you know he has taste, wicked licks, and a cunning "bag of tricks" that keep him at the top of the game.

But he's also a shred master.

While playing with the 90's shredder band "XYZ", he got to trade licks with Yngwie Malmsteen on stage (after opening for him ). As a kid, Tony completed the entire Guitar Institute of Technology program, just to get his pro chops up to speed — 18 months of 18-hour days never letting the guitar out of your hands.

Even more amazing... the skills he reveals are so fun, you can include head-turning tricks in your very next solo tonight at a crowded gig, with total confidence and fluidity. Again — rock, jazz, country, pop, rap, any style you're into just explodes and comes alive in your hands.

Work these techniques into your playing, punch up your skill level and maybe you'll become the guitar slinger in your town. Other guys will wanna go home and burn their instrument in frustration.

And dig this: You can, if you like...

See Everything

Here's what we've got for you: The second Tony agreed to share his secrets, we booked recording time at a Hollywood-quality recording and videotaping studio.

And we videotaped him revealing ALL his secrets to learning the guitar. Everything — including...

The shortcut music theory tricks he uses onstage and in the studio. Don't waste a second learning anything complicated that you'll never use — instead, Tony shows you ONLY what you need to know.

Best part: It's fun, the way he teaches it!

  • Everything you need to know to play over any changes — including cool ways to play through advanced scales that frighten other guitarists. This is expertise that most players never dream they can attain in a lifetime... if you know what to practice you'll be soloing with total fluidity soon.
  • How to think "melodically", just like a pro — the one trick that separates the really talented players (who make each solo sing and complement the tune) from the wannabe's (who butcher solos with the same old hacks over and over, because they can't think out of the box). This trick alone will help launch you into a whole new level of playing.
  • Simple finger/hand tricks that will show you how to play faster...
  • The brilliant "X factor" that allows you to master the coolest licks you'll ever use... and most of them will be unique — your own personal guitar "signature". This kind of strategic soloing is so cool , you'll kick yourself for not figuring it out on your own. But almost no one ever does figure it out — until they're shown the technique by a pro like Tony. (Priceless stuff that's going to change your guitar playing)

And a ton more: Tapping tricks... fluid staccato and legato tactics that give you funk credentials... sweet picking motions that can double your speed... how to tune on the fly... plus pro decision-making tips so you know how and when to plug new tactics into your playing for maximum effect!

It just goes on and on. Blissed-out scales, wicked note grouping tactics, the art of connecting fragments of solos automatically, gorgeous harmonics, advanced muting and volume tricks, and tons of variations that will instantly give you a...

Unique Killer Sound!

Plus, Tony shares his own warm up tricks.

He is known for helping other pro's with hand problems from playing "too much" — so that they can play two and even three gigs a day with total fluid comfort.

If your hand has ever frozen up after hours of hard playing, or felt joint pain, this is the answer to your prayers. It's now simple to warm up, and use just a few easy tricks to ensure that you are pain-free and on top of your game for hours and hours in a row.

This is huge, life-altering info for working musicians.

You also get a complete workbook (translated into TAB if you don't read music) that expands everything. Written down like this, all your lessons come alive, making your practice sessions productive.

It's all included on this special 2-DVD package called "Killer Pro Soloing". Each DVD is over 90 minutes long, and we shot it so you get Tony's undivided attention. You can follow along at your own pace and learn everything he's teaching.

This is good stuff if you're interested in boosting your guitar playing skills...

Even better, with DVDs, you can rewind any time you need to, and space the lessons out to match your schedule. You can blow through it all in one night, or work through it more slowly. Your choice. This guarantees you learn it all, at your pace.

And he put it ALL down on these recordings.

How much? A drop-dead bargain. What you get in this special DVD package is packed with all the tricks, tactics, tips and shortcuts that he's learned from 15 years as a professional musician.

Tony has agreed it's high time all levels of musicians deserve to learn this stuff... and he doesn't want any player shut out because of price.

So you can have the entire package for just $97.


But you don't risk a penny, because you're covered by a...

6-Month 100% Money Back
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Order this package without fear, and check it out for 6 full months.

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This means... you can see everything for FREE if you want. You don't risk a penny.

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Or if you'd rather talk with a live person, you can call my office at: 1-888-665-6961. (ask for "Dept. KP-301") and tell the operator you want "Tony's Killer Pro Soloing" Package, and they'll take care of you.

If the number is busy , be patient and keep trying.

Or, if you prefer to pay with a check or money order (made payable to OHP Direct), mail your $97 payment (please add $7 for shipping and handling... total $104) to: OHP Direct Dept. KP-301, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

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Dr. Mike O'Leary
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P.S. One last thing — we will include a bonus DVD when you order today. We videotaped Tony actually giving a full lesson to a student... so you can see exactly how he helps to installs his secrets in a willing musician.

You'll also witness a full lesson's worth of insane techniques you can also use and add to your soloing.

This is worth $49 all by itself. It's cool stuff... and it's yours FREE. To keep, even if you ask for a refund later. But you must order today.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary, the level of success attained depends on your abilities, skill level and actual time devoted to practicing the techniques.


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